The Norfolk Hog Roast Experience. Fresh local produce, cooked by friendly professionals. Crispy crackling, freshly carved meat, perfect for any event.


The perfect experience for any event. As a mobile caterer, we do not require a kitchen. We can serve the meat in various ways – whether thats in our morning fresh buns, or our Hog n’ Box option. Let us take the worry out of your special day, as we supply disposable cutlery, wipes, napkins and plates. What ever the event, we can cater for it.


At The Crackling Hog Guys Of Norfolk, we have the best machinery in the market place. Our specially designed stainless steel roasting oven, reaches the highest and lowest temperatures. The mouth watering meat is super-slow cooked, ready to be freshly carved and served with the finest crispy crackling. We also craft a delicious fresh stuffing, which gets cooked in the oven at the venue.


Found in many different cultures, the origin of a hog roast is all about social gatherings. It involves barbecuing a whole pig, and is a staple meal for celebratory events and parties. More commonly known as the spit roast, history shows that the hog roast was thought as a barbarian style of food, fit for warriors. 

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